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Featured Films

Get A Life
Do something with your life, or someone else might.

Length: 3:50
Creators: Team 416-Film Fun Fact:  Winner of best Actor, Editing, SFX: 2011 Toronto Film Race

Book Club
Gabe got out of the book club because he didn't agree with the direction they were going.  His ex-girlfriend, Lilith, is sent to lure him back into the club.  And the fate of the world lays in the balance!! 

Length: 5:36
Creators: Team 416-Film Fun Fact:  Winner of no prizes at the Toronto 24 Hour Film Challange, Spring 2011.

'Egypt Me
A man named Joe San Juan buys an ancient artifact at a garage sale which releases the Egyptian god Set to rain chaos on the world.  But this god, like most, is kind of a dick, and Joe soon laments ever buying the artifact.

Length: 5:58
Creators: Team Kung-Fu Gaggle Squad Fun Fact:  Best Picture winner of Ed Video's 2010 24 hour film challange.

Psycho Susie
The past comes back to haunt a self-centered man.  But he is just one player caught in this tangled web of intrigue.   When the bullets stop flying and the bodies hit the ground, who will be left standing?  And what lessons, if any, will be learned?

Length: 5:54
Creators: Neil Bennett, Eric Myles, Rob Paul, Emer Schlosser, Patrick Williamson Fun Fact:  Written in 4 hours.  Shot in 9.

Cock-Knockers From Outer Space!
Rubber chickens from another planet answer the pleas for help from our indigenous species.  But when they discover the extent of human cruelty, they decide to wipe out the human race!  At least that was the plan.

Length: 6:32
Creators: Alex Boothby, Eric Myles, Rob Paul, Pamela Tophen, Pat Williamson Fun Fact:  First 416-Film project shot in HD, and the second one with an exclamation  mark in the title.

A Keychain of Events
J.T. Riggs is just an average guy.  Well, perhaps a bit less than average.  A freak chain of events gives him powers no one should have  If you had the fate of the world in your hands, what would you do?  I don't know, I can't read your mind.  But you can watch this and see what J.T. would do.

Length: 5:24
Creators: Paul French, Rob Paul, Eric Myles Fun Fact:  1st place winner of Ed Video 2008 48 hour film challange.

Rebuilding Ricky Ep. 3
Ricky demands answers from Stuart and the Stranger, but they feel he needs to grasp the concept of morality first.  Thus Ricky is put in the position of making a choice that affects the lives of millions and the course of history itself!

Length: 6:50
Creator: Eric Myles Fun Fact:  First ep. of Ricky to have a crew of more than one.

Rebuilding Ricky Ep. 2
Stuart and the Stranger butt heads over how Ricky should be treated.  Ricky finds himself trapped in a room with Lloyd.  All they want to do is leave, but the room isn't quite... normal.

Length: 5:50
Creator: Eric Myles Fun Fact:  Shot by one person, but had a lot of help with audio post.

To John Woo... Thanks for the Ammo!
A guy walks into a building with a gun.  Another guy in the apartment also has a gun.  The first guy shoots though the door and the other guys dives to the ground.  The door is kicked in and the first guy comes in shooting.  The second guy flips backwards over the sofa, but keeps shooting back, causing the first guy to dive into the kitchen.  The second guy grabs his Uzi off the coffee table and...
Um... It would be faster if you just watched it.
Length 2:50
Creator: Eric Myles Fun Fact:  No explosives were used.

Pulp Muppets
If Jim Henson were still alive and Tarantino asked him to direct Pulp Fiction, it would look a lot like this.  In fact, I'm sure it would look EXACTLY like this.
Length 2:15
Creators:  Rob Paul, Eric Myles Fun Fact:  There's no way this was worth the huge amount of time spent on making it.

Litter Bugged

What do you get when two kids and an adult with the same mental maturity make a short film to help pass the time on a long weekend?
You get this wacky action film about a self-appointed litter cop that takes things to the extreme to keep Ontario beautiful.

Length 1:50
Creators:  Eric Myles, Devon Myles, Justin Myles Fun Fact:  Shot in an hour.

Rebuilding Ricky  Ep. 1

Ricky lives a simple life.  His guardian, Stewart, makes sure of that.  But one day a stranger arrives, determined to awaken Ricky's hidden potential.  Ricky suddenly finds himself in another time and another place.  It's either sink or swim if he wants to survive.

Length 5:00
Creator:  Eric Myles Fun Fact:  Made entirely by one person.    Honestly.

The Mighty Blowfish  Ep. 1

The worst crew of the worst space ship in the Earth fleet is sent on a simple mission.  What could possibly go wrong?  A lot, apparently.

Length: 5:00
Creator:  Eric Myles Fun Fact:  Not actually shot in space.