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Trying to put a production together, or just want to brag about the one you have in the works?
If it involves the 416-Film community you can announce it here.
Get ahold of me in the Forums or drop me a line at with the details.


Zombie Surfing

Part of the new wave of “let's just get together and make a movie without thinking about it too much” approach to film making at 416-Film, “Zombie Surfing” will be a series of quick sketches pulled from the airwaves of a not too distant future where zombies are a part of everyday life and it seems like they're permeated every niche of mainstream media.

Already well into production, we hope this will be finished before the next decade.

It Came From Planet Earth!

Production has begun on what promises to be a very interesting and stylized vision from the warped (and some may say mildly retarded) mind of Rob Paul.  All characters will be live action,  shot on green screen and composited into miniature backgrounds.  The above images show Rob working on some of the miniature elements.

Look for "It Came From Planet Earth!" coming soon to a planet near you.  Meanwhile, check out the Production Report for the latest news.

Rebuilding Ricky Ep. 3

Ricky must make some tough decisions in his attempt to grasp the concept of morality. 

Location photography for Ricky Episode 3 was shot on Nov. 11, just in time before the weather went bad, presumably until next spring.
There is no set time line for the completion of episode 3.  It's assumed that the holiday season will prevent much from happening in the month of December, but let's go out on a limb and say the same thing I did about episode 2:  it should be done by the end of January.
...I never learn.

Keep up to date on the latest news in the “Production Report” section of the forum.

Rebuilding Ricky Ep. 2

Pre-production is well underway for the second episode of Rebuilding Ricky.  Though no deadline has been set, it will hopefully be completed by the end of  January.

Update: Episode two was going strong in full production mode when things suddenly got crazy busy at my day job and the temperature dropped down to liquid carbinite levels. In order to survive the shock, my bodily systems have retreated into a state of hibernation. I awaken every so often and continue work on episode 2.

Update update: Ricky Episode 2 is now complete!  It took several months longer than expected, but the day has finally arived where you can watch it and enjoy it.  Check it out HERE.

Read the Production Blog for the whole story!

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